How to complete the detailed reclaim request correctly?

Please note that the correct completion of the form is crucial for the entire analysis of your case. Please try to provide us with all information and documents that we are asking for in the form. Lack of key information may cause that your application will be analysed longer, or it will not let us...

What has been your success rate in returning funds so far?

Reclaim Crypto service was launched recently (31 October 2019) and we just started collecting the initial claims. We have experience in multiple fraud investigation cases, most of which were successful, or they are still in progress - litigation and assets recovery process may take substantial time in some cases.

How do you conduct investigations?

Coinfirm consists an experienced team of investigators supported with our proprietary technology and industry-leading Coinfirm Analytics and AML Platform. Thanks to one of the world’s largest database of blockchain transactions and our off-chain data and analytical engine, we detect the destination of misappropriated funds on the fly as well as prepare comprehensive evidence. Coinfirm partners...

How long does the process of recovering the lost cryptocurrency take?

The system has just started operating. We are currently collecting claims from all around the world, asking for additional evidence, making feasibility assessments, reaching to other victims of already reported frauds and prioritizing cases. Due to the cross-border nature and complexity of crimes related to cryptocurrencies, the whole process could take a few months to...

Which cryptocurrencies can be claimed as of today’s and which do you plan to add to the setup?

The loss of any type of cryptocurrency can be claimed as well as other assets, including fiat currencies.

Do you investigate all claims?

We go through all claims in order to identify the cases with the greatest chance of being resolved. However, even individual cases may lead to capture of scammers or hackers in the future. Our sorting methodology allows us to catalogue issues with maximum recovery potential. The final case acceptance depends on many factors such as:...

How does the process look in practice?

There are many different types of fraud, each with different characteristics; therefore the initial review of the claim request is significant in the process.  After submitting a Reclaim Crypto claim by a victim, Coinfirm\'s analysts investigate each case in terms of data compliance. In case of lack of crucial information/documentation we reach out to the...

How do I report the case and what is the process of submitting a claim?

The whole process consists of 5 simple steps: First, submit your email.Register a claim and give us some time for initial the feasibility assessment. During that time, we decide whether we can assist you in the recovery of your stolen crypto.Next, we sort all claims in order to recognize the recovery potential and minimize the...

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