AML Risk Management Platform for blockchain

Experience the most powerful dataset and flexible tools in the industry. Manage counterparty risks, escalate cases and create the perfect audit trail.

AML Platform Features

AML Risk Reports for Full Compliance

Within seconds get an in-depth understanding with 350 risk checks and data points ranging from financial crime to counterparty identity. Check every transaction with our standard reports and use enhanced reports in case you need to understand more.

Be Alerted to Changing Risk Patterns

Identify behavioural changes, get alerted to potential associated risk and get deeper insights into the risk patterns of all transaction parties.

Investigation of Funds

Deploy visualisation and investigative tools identifying the destination of blockchain activities. Automate incoming and outgoing on-chain compliance data of where funds flow, preparing perfect evidence for your SARs.

Customisation of AML risk data and analytics

Coinfirm provides tailored risk analytics and data to best serve clients' needs. Get 5 types of in-depth, bespoke reports on counterparties, entities and more.

Restful API and Desktop Platform

Easily integrate our APIs into existing workflows or conveniently use our platform online.

See for yourself - schedule demo

Discover how to solve your AML requirements by scheduling a demo of the blockchain agnostic AML Platform.

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