Digital Assets, DeFi, NFTs: How to secure existing & enable new business

Not only the recent boom of cryptocurrencies, but all the developments in that space over the past 3-4 years have turned the blockchain industry into a segment of innovation leaders and paradigm shifters. And the role of the financial industry was a crucial one in this – becoming the first sector to implement important technical…

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The Challenges and Implications of Complying with the Travel Rule

Pawel Kuskowski, Co-Founder and CEO of Coinfirm, will be joining the Gibraltar Association of New Technologies at their panel discussion today (details below) to discuss the Travel Rule as the Gibraltar Proceeds of Crime Act (Transfer of Virtual Assets) 2021 regulations come into effect. Pawel will be joined by Barbara Halasek, Coinfirm’s Head of Regulatory Affairs, Pelle Braendgaard, CEO…

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