Aleph Zero to Integrate with Coinfirm to Enhance Transactional Security, AML with Advanced Analytics

Aleph Zero, an innovative layer 1 blockchain with privacy-preserving features for enterprise use cases, and Coinfirm, a global leader in blockchain analytics and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) solutions started the collaboration on the implementation of Coinfirm’s advanced AML transaction monitoring and wallet screening capabilities into the Aleph Zero blockchain ecosystem.

The partnership will enable Aleph Zero users to get enhanced security and compliance solutions by leveraging Coinfirm’s powerful analytics tools. Coinfirm’s AML platform will monitor and analyze transactions on the Aleph Zero blockchain, helping to ensure regulatory compliance and protect against illicit activities such as money laundering and fraud.

Antoni Żółciak, Aleph Zero’s co-founder, commented on the partnership, saying, “We are excited to work with Coinfirm, a pioneer in blockchain analytics and AML solutions. Their expertise will be instrumental in strengthening the Aleph Zero ecosystem and ensuring the platform remains secure and compliant in multiple jurisdictions. This partnership demonstrates Aleph Zero’s commitment to providing a secure environment in the realm of private DeFi.”

Coinfirm will analyze transactions on the Aleph Zero blockchain, including transaction amount, sender and receiver addresses, and other relevant metadata. This helps ensure regulatory compliance and protect against illicit activities such as money laundering and fraud.

Coinfirm is dedicated to ensuring that its analytics tools do not compromise user privacy. By focusing on transaction patterns and risk factors associated with illicit activities, Coinfirm’s Analytics platform effectively maintains regulatory compliance without collecting personal information about individual users. This approach ensures that users can enjoy the benefits of enhanced security and compliance within the Aleph Zero blockchain ecosystem while preserving their privacy. 

Jacek Trzmiel, Head of Business Development at Coinfirm, also shared his thoughts on the collaboration: “We are thrilled to contribute to the Aleph Zero ecosystem which pushes the boundaries of blockchain technology. Our partnership will bring Coinfirm’s robust AML and analytics solutions, further enhancing its security and compliance. We look forward to working closely with Aleph Zero and contributing to their growth and success.

The integration of the Aleph Zero blockchain native asset AZERO into Coinfirm’s AML transaction monitoring and wallet screening tools is expected to be completed in the coming months.

About Aleph Zero:

Aleph Zero is an enterprise-ready, high-performance blockchain platform with a novel, Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)-based consensus protocol that enables instant finality and Liminal, a privacy-preserving framework that combines ZK and MPC technology.

For more information visit: www.alephzero.org 

About Coinfirm:

Coinfirm is a global leader in blockchain analytics and AML solutions, providing comprehensive services to various industries, including financial institutions, governments, and blockchain-based businesses. Coinfirm’s advanced AML platform offers real-time transaction monitoring, wallet screening, and risk assessment to ensure compliance with global regulations and safeguard against illicit activities.

The company, using 350+ proprietary risk algorithms while monitoring 25k+ blockchain entities, provides seamless, scalable tools to comply with stringent regulatory requirements for both CeFi and DeFi.

For more information visit: www.coinfirm.com