AML Platform To Become Coinfirm Analytics

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We’re excited to announce that we are changing our platform name from AML Platform to Coinfirm Analytics. The reason for this change is that we feel that it better reflects the capabilities of our solution and the diverse range of features it provides.

This is an exciting time for us here at Coinfirm as we continue to develop innovative solutions in the blockchain space. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you as we build out new features that will help you gain more insight into your business operations. We hope you will find this new name easier to remember and use when interacting with us going forward!

This move is part of a wider strategy that aims to simplify blockchain analytics. It represents our desire to provide a comprehensive solution that will be able to handle more complex data analysis, combining different types of information from various sources into one platform

A short recap of the latest product developments

First up, we’ve updated a customization tool that lets you change the types of risk indicators and severity levels on your Coinfirm Entity Due Diligence report. You can also export flags configuration as an external file to summarize your model.

We currently support 66 blockchains, with 21 new ones added to Tier 1 (simplified report): Aptos APT, Binance Chain, Chiliz, COTI, Cronos, DigitByte, eCredits, FETCH.AI, Flow, Harmony, Horizen, Internet Computer, IOTA (the new one), Optimisim (the new one), Provenance (the new one), QTUM (the new one), Shimmer (the new one), Terra (the new one), Terra Classic (the new one), Vechain VET (the new one), XDAI (the new one).

The latest API update will help make it easier for businesses to integrate with our platform, which will ultimately benefit them greatly by making their operations more efficient:

  • API Transaction Report improvement. We’ve added report_id in the API response for the requested report. This will help to track report status and grab it when it’s finished.
  • New API-only AML report type – Scoring API! This is a light and fast way to check blockchain address risk (c-score) and risk indicators via API, without any other redundant information. It’s available for all cryptocurrencies supported by Coinfirm.

This is just the beginning: we’ve got lots more features planned for our customers over the coming weeks and months. If there’s anything specific that you’d like us to work on next, please let us know! We’re always looking to improve our product and do what’s best for our customers.

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