Coinfirm’s AMLT Token is now available on Pillar Wallet

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Coinfirm’s AMLT Token is now available on Pillar Wallet.

AMLT Token Network is all about transparency and we are constantly seeking partners who share our vision. We’re are happy to announce that the AMLT token is available on the Pillar Wallet.

The open-source mobile wallet lets users store, transact, and track cryptocurrencies and tokens. Pillar wallet has many cool features while providing intuitive control over currencies, tokens, personal connections, and messages while offering a decentralized solution for taking back control of your personal data.

You can now store, receive and send AMLT Tokens to anyone in the world while chatting with them in real-time. Some other cool and innovative things you can do with the Pillar wallet are listed below:

  • Friends. Make connections with others and build your address book.
  • Usernames. No more confusing wallet addresses.
  • Chat. 100% securely encrypted in-app messenger
  • Notifications. Instant notifications on all your activity
  • Support. Get 24/7 in-app support from our dedicated team.

    Coming Soon:
  • Group chat,
  • Personal Data storage,
  • Token Badges and more.

To learn more about Pillar Wallet and download it please visit

See GIF below on how you can add AMLT Token.


If you’re interested in partnering with Coinfirm or becoming an AMLT Network Member then contact us!

Thank you for your continued support and make sure to follow all of our latest updates on Coinfirm’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and AMLT Telegram Community.

The Coinfirm Team

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