Bzetmex has chosen Coinfirm as Primary Blockchain Analytics Provider for Wallets and Transaction Monitoring

Bzetmex, a leading Turkish company in the cryptocurrency space, has chosen Coinfirm, as the primary blockchain analytics solution. As part of the collaboration, Coinfirm will serve as Bzetmex’s primary blockchain analytics provider, offering comprehensive wallet and transaction monitoring services.

Bzetmex positions itself as a technology-driven platform, aiming to provide investors with flawless service and secure investment opportunities. With its own blockchain network, Bzetmex offers BZET Coin, a digital asset that can be used for various transactions, including investments and funding.

Erdoğan Turan, CEO of Bzetmex, highlighted the company’s commitment to security and transparency in the cryptocurrency sector. “We have a long-term roadmap for the development of the cryptocurrency market. Choosing Coinfirm as our blockchain analytics provider aligns with our vision of providing a secure and transparent platform for businesses exploring the blockchain ecosystem,” Turan stated. Coinfirm’s adherence to GDPR and SOC2 compliance further strengthens Bzetmex’s dedication to ensuring the safety of investors’ assets.

After conducting thorough research on blockchain analysis providers, Bzetmex determined that Coinfirm offered the best alignment with its mission. Coinfirm’s robust data protection protocols and expertise in the field will enable Bzetmex to build trust with its existing partners who seek to utilize the platform for cryptocurrency payments, fund transfers, and commercial relationships. Bzetmex also aims to position itself as a payment infrastructure, actively working to prevent issues such as fraud and money laundering in the cryptocurrency space.

Mehmet Aslan, Business Development Manager at Coinfirm, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. “We are delighted to be chosen by Bzetmex as their primary blockchain analytics provider and solution partner. Our collaboration with Coinfirm’s services will help Bzetmex minimize risks and ensure readiness for upcoming regulations to be introduced by the Turkish authorities. Cooperation with Bzetmex is our next step in building our capacity in the Turkish market. ” Aslan stated.

The partnership between Bzetmex and Coinfirm signifies their shared commitment to enhancing security, transparency, and compliance in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Together, they will pave the way for a secure and trusted environment for investors and businesses exploring the potential of blockchain technology.

About Bzetmex

Bzetmex was established in November 2022 with entirely local capital as a technology company. In addition to being a cryptocurrency exchange, Bzetmex aims to contribute to the development of the industry by investing in technology start-ups, providing early-stage financial support to promising companies that offer real solutions.

About Coinfirm

Coinfirm is a global leader in blockchain analytics and AML solutions, providing comprehensive services to various industries, including financial institutions, governments, and blockchain-based businesses. Coinfirm’s advanced AML platform offers real-time transaction monitoring, wallet screening, and risk assessment to ensure compliance with global regulations and safeguard against illicit activities.

The company, using 380+ proprietary risk algorithms while monitoring 25k+ blockchain entities, provides seamless, scalable tools to comply with stringent regulatory requirements for both CeFi and DeFi.

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