Coinfirm and Gatenox Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Corporate KYC Processes

Gatenox, the leading provider of corporate KYC solutions for web3, choose Coinfirm, the market leader in blockchain analytics, as a strategic partner. Through this partnership, Gatenox customers can now access the most comprehensive model available in the world’s largest blockchain attributes database, providing an unprecedented level of risk analysis and verification for corporate KYC processes.

“We are excited to have partnered with Coinfirm to expand the capabilities of our corporate KYC platform. With Coinfirm’s world-leading blockchain analytics and data intelligence tools, we are now able to provide clients with an enhanced level of risk analysis and verification for their corporate KYC processes. Our partnership with Coinfirm is a major milestone in our journey to provide the highest quality corporate KYC solutions for our customers.” – Wojciech Zatorski, COO and Co-founder at Gatenox 

The Gatenox Hub was designed specifically with the Web3.0 era in mind and provides clients with a secure, efficient, and highly functional solution to manage their corporate KYC needs. To ensure that clients are provided with the most reliable data possible, Gatenox has chosen to partner with Coinfirm, who offer the largest cryptocurrency coverage on the market and powerful analytics across their comprehensive blockchain database. This partnership will enable Gatenox clients to conduct an even more robust KYC process than ever before.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Gatenox, as their commitment to corporate KYC and leveraging the most comprehensive blockchain attributes database makes them the perfect partner for Coinfirm. Our powerful analytics can unlock insights into customer activity and risk assessment, helping Gatenox to ensure secure and compliant transactions.” – Monika Godek, Global Commercial and Business Development Director at Coinfirm.