Coinfirm Investigator a revolutionary forensic investigation solution for crypto assets

London, 21st of February, Coinfirm, the leading blockchain analytics company, is proud to announce the launch of its new automated forensic investigation solution, Coinfirm Investigator.

Coinfirm Investigator is a revolutionary investigative tool that can help investigators save up to 60% of their time spent on routine investigations while providing more accurate and detailed evidence files. This advanced system uses five forensic accounting methodologies to trace transactions and track funds in real-time, making it an invaluable asset for crypto forensic investigators.


Coinfirm Investigator offers custom parametrization with adjustable parameters so users can analyze complex data sets with more precision. In addition, the platform allows monitoring funds being transferred through anonymization services like ChipMixer, ensuring investigators have a complete view of the funds’ final destination.

There are now five investigation methodology options available with Coinfirm Investigator including FiFo (First In First Out), LiFo (Last In First Out), and Pro-Rata. All these features combined make Coinfirm Investigator one of the most powerful forensic solutions currently available. Coinfirm Investigator is a robust tool designed to provide comprehensive visibility into the source of funds, and it offers unlimited tracking of transactions and addresses or “hops” for the destinations of funds.

In addition to all its other features, Coinfirm Investigator helps users uncover sources of wealth as evidenced by USD history value associated with each transaction and detects any high-risk sources such as hacks or darknet markets quickly and effectively. Thanks to these features, investigators can create detailed evidence summaries quickly and accurately, which has proven successful in courts all over the world when dealing with crypto-recovery cases (e.g., Pig Butchering scams).

We are excited to offer Coinfirm Investigator, the most innovative and powerful automated forensic investigation solution currently available. We know it will help with all digital assets investigative needs so investigators can focus on what’s important for their success.” said  Dr. Mircea Mihaescu, CEO Coinfirm

With Coinfirm Investigator, companies now have access to an incredibly powerful tool that will help them save time while giving them increased accuracy during investigations. As a bonus, it also ensures that they stay ahead of regulations while protecting them from potential money laundering risks they may face in their everyday operations – something any business should prioritize in today’s ever-changing economy.