Coinfirm Powers Zoksh AML & CFT Compliance

LONDON, October 06, 2022 – Leading blockchain analytics and RegTech provider Coinfirm will provide AML and CFT compliance for the popular Zoksh payment solution provider.

Zoksh – which can be used by businesses to accept both crypto and fiat payments – is a blockchain-based payment solution that has integrated over 1,000 currencies and 8+ chains into its network. Settlements are non-custodial, meaning that there is no middleman involved in transactions between payment senders and payment recipients.

Zoksh also features instant settlements, and with a tiered flat fee structure, businesses don’t have to pay a large share of their payments just as fess – in stark contrast to some commerce payment solutions currently available on the market.

“Compliance is an important part of any technology advancements, with Coinfirm as our AML and CFT partner we make sure our payment ecosystem is a safer place and the trust in our users is always maintained.” – AjayPal Singh, Co-founder & CEO of Zoksh

Integrating Zoksh into an existing commercial platform or website uses no code. Integrations can therefore happen very quickly. Zoksh Pay provides users with a number of ways to integrate its services into existing platforms, including quick payment buttons and payment links that businesses can use to accept payments.

“Zoksh is a versatile payment solution that is quickly gaining market share. We at Coinfirm are pleased to have been chosen as their AML and CFT partner – this step further demonstrates our commitment to making the blockchain ecosystem a safer place.” – Dr. Mircea Mihaescu, CEO of Coinfirm

Zoksh has integrated many APIs, SDKs and ecommerce plugins, helping anyone and everyone to set up a payment solution quick and hassle free. A scalable solution, Zoksh Pay also provides users with a dashboard that provides insights into and optimisations for their payments, like scheduling automated payments to vendors.

About Zoksh Pay
Commercial blockchain-based payment provider Zoksh Pay was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2020. It has integrated 1000+ currencies and chains into its platform, and provides real-time, non-custodial payment solutions with a broad range of integrations, helping businesses scale.

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About Coinfirm
Coinfirm is the world leader in blockchain analytics and RegTech solutions, creating a safer blockchain economy – by protecting entities from being tainted with funds originating from illicit activities like ransomware hacks, human trafficking and terrorist financing – through risk scoring entities, addresses and transactions. The company, using 350+ proprietary risk algorithms while monitoring 25k+ blockchain entities, provides seamless, scalable tools to comply with stringent regulatory requirements for both CeFi and DeFi. Founded in 2016, Coinfirm is headquartered in the UK, with the company retaining offices in Poland, Canada, France and Japan. Over 300 entities have trusted the company to provide RegTech solutions.
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