[WEBINAR] DeFi: Can Blockchain Survive It’s ‘Napster’ Moment?

Event has now concluded, scroll down to the recording of our DeFi webinar, filmed on the 15th of October and gain unique insight into potential compliance hurdles, the nature of decentralisation protocols, risks to investors and much more…

The DeFi revolution has the opportunity to redesign financial products, services and markets from the ground up. Uniswap, the top DeFi protocol has just surpassed the monthly trading volume of Coinbase. But with zero KYC or AML requirements – is this sustainable?

Coinfirm, the leading blockchain analytics platform for AML invited a leading panel of industry experts and discussed topics including;

Why De-Fi is at the ‘Napster’ stage of market evolution?

What is a governance token and how decentralised are the current crop of leading protocols?

How are regulators thinking about De-Fi and wallet to wallet transactions?

Outside of hacks/smart contract failures what are the risks to participants/investors?

What is the next stage of De-Fi evolution and the hurdles founding teams may face for wider adoption?

Panel of Industry Experts Include:

Marc Zeller – Integration Lead, Aave

Ben Whitby – Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Qredo

Pawel Kuskowski – Chief Executive Officer, Coinfirm

Peter Howitt – Managing Director, Ince (Gibraltar Office)

Moderated By:

Ryan Hanley – Director of Partnerships, Coinfirm & Crypto Curry Podcast Host

The discussion was live and interactive, with questions welcomed throughout.