Digital Assets, DeFi, NFTs: How to secure existing & enable new business


Not only the recent boom of cryptocurrencies, but all the developments in that space over the past 3-4 years have turned the blockchain industry into a segment of innovation leaders and paradigm shifters.

And the role of the financial industry was a crucial one in this – becoming the first sector to implement important technical building blocks and thus paving the way for the adoption of the new asset class: Custody and digital asset management in general, smart contracts to drive applications such as DeFi or to prepare the introduction of programmable money.

So it’s time to take a detailed look at the operational reality of custody and digital asset management today, and to get prepared for the next phase: when regulation will fully cover the Token Economy and when the Digital Euro will change the landscape of industrial processes forever. Because if we look at the rapid evolution of the market today, it is clear that it is key to get the fundamentals right; otherwise the wave of service innovation and extended capabilities around financial instruments will be built on quicksand.

In this webinar, numerous intriguing discussions took place:

“The influence of the technological Avant-garde: Tokenization meets Cyber-Physical Systems”

  • Prof. Philipp Sandner, Head of Frankfurt School Blockchain Center
  • Alexander Koppel, CEO of RIDDLE&CODE
  • Prof. Thomas Fürstner, Founder and CTO of RIDDLE&CODE

“Digital Asset Custody: The operational view & status quo“

  • Dr. Sven Hildebrandt, CEO of DLC Distributed Ledger Consulting
  • Dr. Ulli Spankowski, CDO of Börse Stuttgart
  • Julian Grigo, MD Digital Assets, Solaris Bank
  • Moritz Schildt, CEO of CoinIX, Founder of the Hanseatic Blockchain Institute
  • Berit Fuss, Director RIDDLE&CODE FinTech Solutions

“AML and DeFi: How to ensure regulatory compliance in the future”

  • Jacek Trzmiel, Senior Regulatory Affairs Advisor at Coinfirm
  • Christian Haslwanter, COO of RIDDLE&CODE