Crypto Alert of the Week: Hitman & Bombing Extortion

Welcome to week 22 of the Crypto Alert of the Week series, dedicated to documenting interesting or high profile frauds/hacks etc that recently happened and have been reported into the AMLT Network and show how the AMLT Network can help track and prevent it in the future.

Extortion and blackmail email campaigns are nothing new by now, yet they still manage to go to new extremes when it comes to threats. What started with pretending to spy on someone watching porn and threatening to reveal “sensitive” information or content, has now evolved into something that looks way more serious.
We have already observed a wave of fake bomb threats, successfully prompting panic, as they were sent to many schools and public offices.

Lately there’s been a new type of such email campaign, once again making empty threats towards unsuspecting people – except this time, the fraudsters went even further, directly threatening their lives through an alleged hitman attack.

The sender introduces himself as a darknet vendor and announces that there’s someone wanting to place a bounty for the victim. He then proceeds to explain, that he’d rather not have to go through all the hassle, provided he gets paid to be inactive. He then leaves his bitcoin address for the payment along with a warning that the victim only has 38 hours to transmit the funds to the bitcoin address.

The Coinfirm AML Platform already contains countless addresses flagged for similar extortion type activities with some of them reported through the AMLT Network. Below you have a report on how extortion related addresses reported to the AMLT Network look when integrated into the Coinfirm AML Platform and queried by our clients and partners as AML reports. This helps entities across the crypto economy using the Coinfirm Platform further protect themselves and their users from risk as well help prevent the incentive for further such actions.

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The Coinfirm Team

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