Institutional DeFi – Are Banks & FI’s preparing to stake?

As Total Value Locked (TVL) edges closer to $40bn, the DeFi universe continues to expand at an incredible pace.

With staking rewards hitting variable rates of up to 4000% APR,  are we now seeing concrete interest from regulated entities, seeking that sweet…. sweet yield?

Scroll down and watch our latest webinar recorded on 17th of March 2021!

Our panel gave us the inside track on the additional infrastructure needed for Tradfi to get comfortable with DeFi . We discussed:

  • Why aren’t funds already staking and earning interest from USDC/Bitcoin and Eth?
  • Are their wider systemic risks with the composability of much of these lending platforms?
  • What’s hypothecation and the fractional reserve ratio?
  • Is lack of KYC/AML a barrier to entry?
  • Are FI’s satisfied with Custody and Insurance provisions in place?
  • What infrastructure needs to be in place to welcome the next $100bn of staked assets?


Moderated By:

Ryan Hanley – Director of Partnerships, Coinfirm & Crypto Curry Podcast Host

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