Meet the Team: Judyta Maliszewska

Hi! I’m Judyta, Head of Legal at Coinfirm.

My crypto journey started in 2017 with a student internship at the Polish Blockchain Scientific Center at Lazarski University, where I co-authored the publication ‘Basics of Using Digital Currencies’, prepared as part of the Paperless & Cashless Poland Program and published by the Ministry of Digital Affairs. At the time, I also spoke at the ‘Digital Currencies – Definition and Regulatory Problems 2.0’ conference on my thoughts on where the industry was. To look back at the heady days of the ICO boom, it truly is amazing how far the sector has come to be accepted.

I have been at Coinfirm since April ’18 – joining up as a KYC and Data Analyst. I later jumped into the Legal Department whilst graduating from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Nicholas Copernicus University with a Master’s thesis on ‘Cryptocurrencies development analysis in the civil law area’.

Now, I manage my own team, aspiring to become a role model for my younger colleagues by demonstrating ethical legal work in an extraordinary industry and doing my best to improve our organisation. Also, I just received my Attorney-at-Law exam results – a pass!

My favourite aspect of our firm is it being an excellent place to gain experience and learn from everyday. Learning is my ‘thing’, ever since I was a child (I even used all my negotiation skills and convinced my parents to let me start school one year earlier) and Coinfirm is the perfect place for that. Since I started, I have learnt a great deal about technology, business and interpersonal relations.

Away from work I love to wander forests, pick mushrooms and lie in the lavender fields. I know all Shrek dialogues by heart, thoroughly enjoy listening to Hamilton and classical music during work and play. Here’s a tip: Romeo and Juliet by Sergei Prokofiev is the best soundtrack to analyse multi-page legal agreements.

Unapologetically 100% a Madridista, Star Wars lover, Scrabble master and bookworm. Just don’t ask of my favourite book – choosing one is like picking your favourite child.