Meet the Team: Weronika Macioch

Hi everyone! I’m Weronika, CSM Team Leader at Coinfirm, where I take care of the Technical Support department.

I reside in sunny Barcelona with my partner. And my dog Barney – you could say he’s a Corgi… we don’t know the exact origin of his blood, but certainly a lot of love and desire to explore the world flows in it!

Landing in the IT and finance industry was a happy accident. Prior to this, I worked for an airline whilst studying English with Chinese at SWPS University in Warsaw. My dream was to work in the translation industry, as I am also fluent in Spanish and Russian. Translator work was not to be my calling after all, however, my multilingualism has been far from wasted – and greatly beneficial to our global client footprint. Thanks to all that, I can continue to pursue my passion to foreign languages and do what I am best at.

When I came to Coinfirm – I felt I was in the right place. Working in IT in the crypto world allows me to feel there is always something to discover. Additionally, as part of the hard but very important mission that Coinfirm has dedicated itself to, I know that we are contributing something positive to the world. Our work isn’t just for the sake of work – we change the world for the better!

Not to mention the brilliant people I have the pleasure to work with. Not only am I talking about the great atmosphere of teamwork and mutual respect. At Coinfirm, I get to learn from the best in technology, finance and law.

My very own hobby is exploring the globe – learning about new cultures, getting to know phrases of their language, or trying traditional cuisines – this is something that excites me most.  I have ventured to 13 countries, lived in 3 and have big appetite for more!