Meet the Team: Adam Rylski


Hello, I’m Adam Rylski and I have been at Coinfirm since late 2019. When I joined the company, I was already an experienced Software Developer, yet I had almost zero knowledge about cryptocurrencies and knew Bitcoin only from memes.

But with all the help from my awesome colleagues, I was able to gain very detailed and unique knowledge about different cryptocurrencies and AML/KYC solutions. Thanks to them, at Coinfirm I could be the Software Engineer I always wanted to be, by joining deep business-related knowledge with broad technical competencies, creating unique AML solutions operating on terabytes of data.

I’m responsible for preparing and implementing support for a given cryptocurrency among the organization. I have to prepare technical analyses of blockchain protocols and understand all aspects regarding the economics of a given cryptocurrency in order to collect all the data necessary from an Anti-Money Laundering point of view. The quality of data on which other teams at Coinfirm work depends on my work.

I’m also responsible for designing and implementing all kinds of data processing tools necessary to ensure proper support for given cryptocurrencies at Coinfirm. I’m a big data enthusiast, and I can develop my passion for preparing all different data models for the Data Science Team.

During the implementation of various projects, I have the opportunity to closely work directly with the creators of given blockchains and experiment with different cryptocurrencies.

Apart from my passion for technology and programming, I’m a handyman, enjoying building or repairing stuff by myself. I also love traveling with my loved ones and training with my young Beagle, especially running together. I prefer spending my free time in quiet, peaceful places, especially close to lakes or seas. My aim is to get a sailing license as soon as the Covid mayhem is over. I’m a huge Metallica fan, and I hope to attend one of their concerts with the San Fransico Symphony.