Meet the Team: Adrianna Czerwinska


Hello everyone! I’m Ada – a technological freak, who loves both learning about it, and using it whenever possible. Electronic gadgets are always one of the best gift ideas for me, and nothing makes my daily home responsibilities more pleasant than some support from the Smart Home side. 

I never get bored with widening my horizons in the blockchain area – especially in how it can improve human life. However, I never can stop learning new things in other areas (recently I decided to start learning Python for example). 

At work, I’m especially passionate about cybersecurity. It’s exceptional for me whenever we are able to help in tracking a hacker’s flow of stolen funds or finding unique information about a case related to the darknet. 

I constantly grow my knowledge about cryptocurrencies. Before I joined Coinfirm over 5 years ago, the only things I knew about is that they are based on very interesting mathematics (such as cryptographic hash functions) and that my friend who was mining bitcoin at high school day and night had constant arguments with his parents about the size of electricity bills. 

I started my journey in Coinfirm as a Data Researcher. My current position is Data Quality Manager, where besides data quality, I am also responsible for managing the development of a tool for our Data Analysts. 

My amazing team on the one hand is analysing all the illicit activities related to hacks, scams and exploits where they need to follow all the latest technological trends. On the other hand, we are also collecting data regarding cryptocurrency exchanges and darknet markets. 

In my spare time, I also love to fight evil, where also the most important part for me is teamwork when I can join my friends to fight together against hordes of demons and zombies. Most often I do it with my Necromancer in Diablo II, or with Zergs (“an amalgamation of biologically advanced, anthropoidal aliens”) in StarCraft II. 

There is also an artistic side to me. I graduated from music school with the cello. As I’m also a fan of heavier tones, I found it perfect to merge a classical instrument with modern technology as a result of playing some metal music on the electric cello. 

During the holiday period, on the active side I’m booking a minimum of 1 week for sailing – I received my sailing license at the age of 13, and since then I was sailing over lakes and seas – mainly recreational, but a few times even in competitions. On the relaxing side – I enjoy taking some sun in warm countries, which I like to get to know from the most lazy perspectives possible. 

Finalising – I’m a proud mom of 2 adorable adopted cats, and over 70 plants, turning my home into a jungle (and occasionally driving my fiancé crazy).