Meet the Team: Magdalena Znyk

Hi everyone! I’m Magda, I studied Internal Security and used to dream of working in crisis management – and I’m managing a crisis in some way – mainly data crises.

My time at Coinfirm began by a happy accident – I didn’t know much about the FinTech space when the company’s Toruń office was opening. At that point, I didn’t know much about cryptocurrencies either, nor did I have many ideas about what AML was. But after a month I was enchanted by these fields more and more.

I must like working here, as I recently celebrated 4 years of work at Coinfirm. I love reading about new regulations – particularly sanctions. And when I find out what and how to transfer it into our data I’m thrilled. I work here as a Data Analyst and a Quality Controller, operating with databases every day and sometimes testing the firm’s software. I’m more of an AML fanatic than a crypto freak, but somehow I manage to put it all together. I’d say I wasn’t a technical person at the beginning, but now I understand some developers’ jokes – a success I reckon.

Love the atmosphere and people in our Data Team, never have I ever met such a cool and well-coordinated team that makes me come to work with a smile.

In my private life, I mainly read books and watch documentaries. Definitely a fan of superhero and horror movies, although won’t knock a good romantic comedy. Love listening to music – mostly rock, but for Britney Spears, I make an exception. Enjoy going to different places, especially taking in those with classic architecture – but I’m never satisfied as there is always so much to see!

And, yes – I’m that crazy plant lady.