Meet the Team: Mateusz Hausman


Hello All! My name is Mateusz Hausman and I’m proud of being a part of Coinfirm’s Customer Engagement Team.

Currently, I live in Poland with my wife in a temporary apartment, as recently we have reached the next milestone in our lives and bought land in a dream location – in the forest! Our goal is to build a beautiful house there and start fully living on our own – amid nature and peace. There is still a lot of work ahead but I love it!

Since the genesis of my professional life, it has always been in some manner connected with client relations. I have worked in many places, including customer service in fast-food chains, direct sales in electronic shops, at logistics firms, experiences with customer support in the IT area, then more advanced IT support, which has led me to a Relationship Manager role in this industry. I didn’t realise that from the start that my career should develop into Customer Experience, but subconsciously I knew I was good at understanding ‘the other side’ to an issue. That clients are human beings, like all of us, who deserve to be listened to, treated with respect, and expect realised satisfaction for what they pay, no matter the industry.

In a meantime, I accidentally came across cryptocurrencies (too late of course to buy Bitcoin at $100 or $1,000) and started to explore the marvellous world of exchanges and trading itself. Weeks went by and I noticed that most of my time off I was spending on learning new things about crypto and how addictive, yet the painful world of trading can be. But to this day, without a doubt, I must admit how much I love this mix of Poker and Chess.

With this interesting twist of fate, I found Coinfirm. For me, it was the perfect combination of my career path and gained skills, as well as my new-found hobby related to cryptocurrencies. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

I’ve had the pleasure to meet fantastic people here, including my Seniors, from which I draw handfuls and learn something new every day. It is not your regular everyday job. This is the place where you learn what you really want to learn and have a true impact on the blockchain industry. We are all here, still at the beginning of something greater, and I’m more than grateful for being a part of such a dedicated Team.