Meet the Team: Michalina Mąka


Hi everyone! My name is Michalina and I’m a Legal Assistant at Coinfirm.

I started my journey with a summer internship, without any quintessential knowledge about blockchain. Ever since the first time I opened Coinfirm’s website up before my interview, I became interested in how this new form of technology shapes our lives. From a soon-to-be-a-lawyer perspective, it is especially interesting to see how legal systems adapt to the ever-growing and morphing world of crypto.

No other field would give me this opportunity – to see law truly as a living instrument. And it is particularly interesting to work here during this time in the industry as more and more jurisdictions are imposing regulations on a myriad of blockchain-based activities.

I think that what truly makes Coinfirm a great place to work in, though, is the amazing team. They are all experts in their fields and are always there for me when I have questions. I couldn’t imagine a better environment in which to start a professional life.

Privately, besides being a law student, I’m also doing a bachelor’s degree in cultural studies, which is in line with my other interests in various forms of art, especially film.

So if you want to talk about the newest legislation around blockchain, or just need a good movie recommendation, hit me up!