Ospree and Coinfirm’s Cross-Continent Crypto Compliance Partnership Creates a Safer Blockchain Economy

Coinfirm Ospree Partnership Header Image

29th November, 2022, LONDON, UK – Ospree and Coinfirm have partnered to strengthen the mission of making the global blockchain economy and the crypto-asset industry more transparent.

We’re excited to launch our partnership with Ospree, which will allow our customers to more efficiently manage risk across their various crypto compliance tools.” – Whitney Morgan, Coinfirm Head of Partnerships

Through this new partnership with Coinfirm, Ospree will directly integrate analytics from one of the industry’s most comprehensive blockchain databases into our platform, minimizing friction and saving time for customers.” – Javier Tamashiro, CEO and Co-Founder, Ospree

With Opsree’s foothold in the APAC region and Coinfirm’s in Europe, this key strategic partnership brings mutual benefits to both firms’ ecosystems of clients, partners and communities.

The Ospree platform provides a single, seamless interface where digital asset service providers can monitor blockchain analytics, automate travel rule compliance, and connect customer onboarding information with their activities. Integrating Coinfirm’s robust crypto AML data brings next level coverage to Ospree, and powers Travel Rule transactions.

Coinfirm is at the forefront of innovation in crypto AML, compliance, and analytics. Coinfirm’s industry-leading risk management offerings help cryptocurrency protocols and virtual asset service providers scale sustainably.

About Ospree

Ospree is a global digital asset risk management and compliance platform (B2B, SaaS). We allow digital asset service providers to quickly implement and manage their key AML/CFT requirements from a single platform.

Our vision is to help companies scale by providing a flexible compliance suite in pace with global regulations. Today, Ospree serves crypto asset managers, neo-banks, payments companies, and other financial institutions across the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

For more information visit: https://ospree.io/

About Coinfirm

Coinfirm is the world leader in blockchain analytics and RegTech solutions, creating a safer blockchain economy – by protecting entities from being tainted with funds originating from illicit activities like ransomware hacks, human trafficking and terrorist financing – through risk scoring entities, addresses and transactions. The company, using 350+ proprietary risk algorithms while monitoring 25k+ blockchain entities, provides seamless, scalable tools to comply with stringent regulatory requirements for both CeFi and DeFi.

For more information visit: www.coinfirm.com