Podproza Chooses Coinfirm as its Blockchain Analytics Provider

The partnership aims to bolster security and transparency in the burgeoning crypto industry.

London, 2023 Jul 11 – Podproza, a leading business research and educational platform, has chosen Coinfirm, a global leader in the blockchain analytics domain, as its provider for advanced blockchain data solutions. This strategic collaboration will streamline crypto-based businesses by integrating security and analytics, thereby fostering efficient decision-making and safer transactions.

 By selecting Coinfirm as its blockchain analytics provider, Podproza will tap into their extenstive data and refined tools. This will ensure the highest level of guidance and support to businesses that are transitioning into the world of blockchain technologies.

This partnership with Coinfirm focuses on:

  • Strengthening the fight against fraud, money laundering, and financial crime in the crypto space
  • Offering in-depth blockchain analytics for driving business growth and security
  • Developing comprehensive solutions for businesses integrating blockchain technology

David Barkwith, CEO of Podproza, said: “Our choice of Coinfirm, which upholds GDPR and SOC2 compliance, reaffirms our commitment to providing a secure and transparent platform for businesses delving into the blockchain ecosystem. We thoroughly evaluated many blockchain analytics providers and identified that Coinfirm, with its robust data protection protocols, best aligns with our mission. Together, we aim to serve the needs of businesses adopting blockchain technologies more effectively and securely.”

Monika Godek, Global Commercial and Business Development Director at Coinfirm, commented: “We are delighted to be chosen by Podproza as their crypto transaction monitoring provider. Our shared core values emphasize the importance of driving security and transparency within the crypto economy. We are committed to delivering unparalleled solutions to Podproza and their clients and look forward to a successful and productive collaboration.”

For more information about the partnership, and to learn how Podproza is leveraging Coinfirm’s expertise to provide top-notch services, visit Podproza or Coinfirm.


About Podproza

Podproza is an analytics company specializing in AML investigations and risk screening on the blockchain.  We help businesses ensure that funds they receive are safe and not associated with illicit activity such as fraud and ransomware attacks. 
Podproza identifies, collects, evaluates, and integrates public data from a variety of sources, to create tailor-made dashboard and visualizations to help businesses make data-driven decisions.
Our team consists of experts with many years of experience in the fields of Business Intelligence, Data Science, and Blockchain.

About Coinfirm

Coinfirm is a global leader in blockchain analytics and AML solutions, providing comprehensive services to various industries, including financial institutions, governments, and blockchain-based businesses. Coinfirm’s advanced AML platform offers real-time transaction monitoring, wallet screening, and risk assessment to ensure compliance with global regulations and safeguard against illicit activities.

The company, using 350+ proprietary risk algorithms while monitoring 25k+ blockchain entities, provides seamless, scalable tools to comply with stringent regulatory requirements for both CeFi and DeFi.

For more information visit: www.coinfirm.com