Submitting Crypto Addresses to Coinfirm’s AML Platform


Coinfirm is all about crypto data.

We collect, analyze and evaluate a trove of information about blockchain addresses, cryptocurrency transactions, wallet owners, their clusters, and dependencies.

Now, we have efficiently simplified a process so that anyone can help us build the crypto database – and earn a reward for doing so.

With just a couple of clicks, the community can easily provide information about blockchain addresses they know. They can point out positive, neutral or negative information. In all cases, we kindly ask for several words of explanation: why do you think the address is as you described and any proof of such an opinion.

For negative information, we also ask for pointing out the risk the information providers think that should be assigned between; scams, hacks, illegal activity, blackmail, mixers, ID theft and other flags (in addition to those you can detail yourself).

Once submitted, all inputted data is verified by our data team – so that we are sure that all the information that builds our knowledge base is trustworthy and complete. If you want to review your submits, you can easily find them in the “History Tab”.

Last, but not least, all the submissions are rewarded! For valuable information we are happy to share some AMLT tokens – all you have to do is just give us the ETH address that you own. You will then receive your reward to the address provided soon after submission of the information.

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