[WEBINAR] DeFi: The Fine Line Between ‘Software’ and ‘Service’ Provider

DeFI David Silver Silver Miller Joey Garcia Isolas LLP Joshua Klayman Linklaters Pawel Kuskowski Coinfirm

Will DeFi projects that are ‘significantly decentralized’ avoid financial regulation? Are existing rules even applicable? 

Scroll down and watch our latest DeFi webinar recorded on 10th of November 2020!

12.7% of Eth’s total supply is now locked across DeFi protocols. Real users, genuine innovation, rug pulls and huge VC bets continue to make DeFi a fascinating space to watch evolve.

But are regulators comfortable with such rapid innovation?

The US Department of Justice is also having a bumper quarter, most recently invoking the Bank Secrecy Act and charging Bitcoin ‘mixing’ service Helix with laundering over $300m of funds from the darknet.

But will this affect DeFi’s key players? Should stakeholders be concerned about increased regulatory activity? We invited an all-star cast to discuss:

  • Is it now FinCen rather than the SEC keeping crypto founders up at night?
  • Is this recent spate of prosecutions even relevant to DeFi?
  • Why are these charges taking so long to be realized and what is the typical process?
  • At what point does open-source code become a financially regulated instrument?
  • Does custody & ‘control of funds’ matter when considering regulatory risks and liabilities of founders?
  • Is there such a thing as a truly ‘decentralized exchange?’ When might this defense be sufficient?
  • Is the Ether Delta settlement still relevant for today’s DeFi actors?
  • When will we see greater clarity from regulators on DeFi?

Panel of Industry Experts Included:
David C. Silver – Founder, Silver Miller
– Joey Garcia – Partner, Isolas LLP
– Joshua Klayman – US Head of Fintech, Blockchain and Digital Assets, Linklaters
Pawel Kuskowski – Chief Executive Officer, Coinfirm

Moderated by:
– Ryan Hanley – Director of Partnerships, Coinfirm & Crypto Curry Club Podcats Host