Investigator by Coinfirm – a new standard for blockchain investigations

Introduction of Coinfirm’s brand new platform for forensic investigations. Enabling automated tracking and delivering real-time monitoring functionality, de-mixing functionality (incl. demixing of Tornado Cash and ChipMixer) and more.

Coinfirm Investigator

Coinfirm Investigator is a fully automated tracking solution that improves the efficiency of investigations while providing detailed and tabular evidence files. Investigator offers five different methodologies to trace transactions, including through de-mixing services. Investigator delivers fast and reliable results with custom parametrization and real-time monitoring functionality.


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    Roman Bieda, Head of Fraud InvestigationCoinfirm

    Recognized Fraud Investigator, both in the traditional and blockchain space, cooperating with Corporates, Police Forces, and other agencies from all over the world on forensic investigations including hack, fraud, murder, assault, child protection, terrorism, e-discovery, forensic data analysis, bribery, conflict of interest, tax fraud, and AML. Product Owner of Coinfirm’s Asset Tracking and Fraud Investigation tools. A guest lecturer at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics. MIT Certified Blockchain Expert. Admitted as an expert in US federal court.

    Roman Lewandrowski, Head of Product Development – Asset Tracking, Coinfirm 

    highly experienced and skilled professional in conducting and leading forensic projects focusing on financial crime (Sanctions violations, AML, CTF, etc.). He specialized the last 7 years in topics related to blockchain and digital assets focusing not only on Source-of-Funds analysis, but also on forensic investigations.