You got hacked, now what? A step by step guide for VASPs

You got hacked, now what? A step by step guide for VASPs


Are you prepared to face the aftermath of a cyberattack? Don’t miss our exclusive webinar, “You got hacked, now what? A step-by-step guide for VASPs,” featuring industry veterans Adam Gonelli and Roman Bieda. In this crucial discussion, our panelists will walk you through the essential steps to take after a cyber incident, arming you with the knowledge to tackle the complex world of digital asset theft. Secure your spot today and invest in the future of your organization’s cybersecurity!

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Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  1. The importance of acting quickly in the aftermath of a hack.
  2. The role of law enforcement and regulatory authorities in asset recovery.
  3. The process of asset tracing and investigation using blockchain analysis.
  4. Legal actions and strategies to freeze stolen assets and facilitate their recovery.
  5. Jurisdictional challenges and the application of laws in different countries.


Adam Gonelli, Principal at Adam Gonelli Law Office, Adjunct Professor Seton Hall Law School  

Adam Gonelli is a seasoned litigator with over twenty years of experience advocating for consumers and investors in high-stakes cases, particularly those involving digital asset theft. With an impressive track record, Adam has secured significant settlements, including a $760 million settlement in a defective auto engine case, more than $50 million from a major defense contractor for defective holographic rifle sights, and a multimillion-dollar recovery for U.S. patent holders related to international patent renewal services. As an Adjunct Professor at Seton Hall Law School, he shares his expertise in the Law of Cryptocurrency, Digital Assets, and the Metaverse with aspiring lawyers. Additionally, Adam serves as General Counsel for an NFT company, further demonstrating his proficiency in the digital asset space.

Roman Bieda, Head of Fraud InvestigationCoinfirm

Recognized Fraud Investigator, both in the traditional and blockchain space, cooperating with Corporates, Police Forces, and other agencies from all over the world on forensic investigations including hack, fraud, murder, assault, child protection, terrorism, e-discovery, forensic data analysis, bribery, conflict of interest, tax fraud, and AML. Product Owner of Coinfirm’s Asset Tracking and Fraud Investigation tools. A guest lecturer at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics. MIT Certified Blockchain Expert. Admitted as an expert in US federal court.

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Stas Kulminski, Business Development Manager, Coinfirm

True expert in the complex world of cryptocurrency, serves as the Business Development Manager at Coinfirm. With a deep understanding of the ever-changing regulations, Stas is dedicated to helping clients navigate the tricky landscape of AML compliance. He has become an indispensable ally for crypto and Virtual Asset Service Providers, ensuring they maintain robust AML policies and procedures to avoid fines, operational disruptions, and potential criminal actions.