Financial Stability Board (FSB)

What is Financial Stability Board

As stated in its Charter, the FSB coordinates “at the international level the work of national financial authorities and international standard setting bodies (SSBs) in order to develop and promote the implementation of effective regulatory, supervisory and other financial sector policies.”

The FSB Plenary is a meeting between all its member jurisdictions where standards and guidance developed by the FSB are adopted.

What are FSB Responsibilities

  • it assesses and addresses vulnerabilities of the international financial system by following a three-step process: vulnerabilities assessment, policy development, monitoring of policy implementation.
  • it provides best practices to address vulnerabilities, and assesses the outcomes in meeting regulatory standards
  • monitors market developments and their impact on regulatory policy
  • assists in the establishment of supervisory bodies and sets guidelines for them
  • supervises member jurisdictions’ efforts to implement standards and policy recommendations

FSB Publications

  • Policy documents
    • they discuss policies stemming from identified vulnerabilities
  • Evaluations
    • evaluation reports on the impact of regulatory reforms
  • Peer review reports
    • “promote complete and consistent implementation of agreed G20/FSB financial reforms”
  • Progress Reports
    • reports on recorded progress of different commitments 
  • Reports to the G20
    • reports issued to G20 on findings, evaluations and recommendations
  • Key regular publications
    • Global monitoring report on non-bank financial intermediation
    • FSB annual report
    • Annual work programme
    • Annual resolution report

FSB Virtual asset related reports: 

FSB Updates

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