Financial Stability Institute (FSI)

What is Financial Stability Institute (FSI)

The Financial Stability Institute (FSI) is a body created by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision to assist Central Banks and financial sector regulatory and supervisory authorities (supervisors) around the world in improving and strengthening their coordination by providing them with information on regulatory practices. 

What are FSI Responsibilities

  • Promote and support the implementation of sound supervisory standards and practices 
  • Provide updates to supervisors on the latest information on market products, practices and techniques
  • Act as a platform for policy discussion and sharing of supervisory practices and experiences
  • Promote cross-sectoral and cross-border supervisory contacts and cooperation

The FSI meets its objectives through:

  • Events
  • offering an e-learning library (FSI Connect) “available exclusively to central banks, supervisory authorities, deposit insurers and other eligible public sector authorities” – it focuses on international financial regulatory standards, supervisory practices, prudential standards, guidance on banking and insurance supervision.

FSI Virtual assets related publications 

Full repository can be accessed here

FSI Updates

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