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Nemty Ransomware

Nemty ransomware – what is it? Nemty is a type of malicious software known as malware that specializes in encrypting files on a victim’s system and demanding a ransom for their release. What sets Nemty malware apart from others, is its utilization of a RaaS model, where cybercriminals can subscribe to the ransomware service, utilizing

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Nephilim Ransomware

Nephilim – what is it? Nephilim, a ransomware variant with noticeable similarities in both design and code to the well-known Nemta, has become a significant cybersecurity problem. This malware uses advanced encryption techniques to restrict access to files on the victim’s system, demanding a ransom to release data safely. Nephilim ransomware started to spread at

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NFT Wash Trading

What Is NFT Wash Trading? Wash trading is the practice of purchasing and selling assets in a manner that is intent on manipulating or misleading the market. How Does NFT Wash Trading Work? Take for example, an investor that has USD 1 million in ETH. The investor mints an NFT and subsequently sells it to him

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Nodes are computers in the blockchain network that receive new transactions and blocks, validate these transactions and blocks and spread valid transactions and blocks to connected nodes and ignore invalid transactions and blocks. It is generally considered that the more nodes exist in the network, the more secure is the system. Related Articles How Can

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Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories (NCCT)

Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories (NCCT) NCCT (from Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories) is a term used to describe non-cooperative countries and territories identified by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF – the global intergovernmental AML watchdog) as having deficiencies in their AML systems. The term uncooperative means that countries and territories are not engaging in international

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