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Politically Exposed Person (PEP)

What are Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)? A Politically Exposed Person or ‘PEP’ is an individual of high public office that may wield significant influence, have access to inside knowledge of government, be in a position to siphon public funds or the awarding of public contracts. PEPs abusing their position of power (i.e. corruption) comprise a

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Private Key

Private keys are a cryptographic code that functions as a secret password that allows the user to sign a cryptocurrency transaction and transfer funds to another cryptocurrency address. Using the private key proves ownership of cryptocurrency. Related Articles The ultimate guide to Bitcoin Forks Are cryptocurrency reclaim cases defining that Bitcoins constitute property?

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Pro-Rata Distribution (Proportional Distribution)

Pro-rata is a Latin term used to describe a proportionate allocation. It essentially translates to “in proportion,” which means a process where whatever is being allocated will be distributed in equal portions. This could be for use in many business finance cases such as partnership liability, bankruptcy law, insurance, etc.

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