Partner Program

Expand your firm's horizons by joining Coinfirm's network, the industry-leader in crypto compliance solutions. Our AML Platform for crypto is utilised by Binance, and more than 300 other enterprises.


Resellers of Coinfirm's blockchain agnostic AML Platform benefit from the firm's crypto coverage with their existing and new customer ecosystem.


Find the perfect clients interested in implementing our core product and connect us with them. Make an attractive passive income with Coinfirm.

Investigation Partner

Professional security, accounting and legal firms - as well as governments - partner with us for investigations and to create EDD Reports fit for law enforcement.

“I recognize Coinfirm as an exceptional industry player. As a leader in Blockchain Analytics, Coinfirm's cutting-edge solutions have enhanced already the crypto monitoring, transaction tracking, risk management, and data-driven decision making of some of our BCG clients.

Furthermore, Coinfirm´s advanced risk management tools and data-driven insights offer a competitive edge in the strategic decision-making process of various digital asset players. Overall, Coinfirm's innovation and commitment make them one of small set of essential partners in the digital asset industry, and we look forward to our continued exchange also in the future signed to profit from the vulnerable.”

Dr. Bernhard Kronfellner

partner at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Co-Lead of Digital Assets worldwide

Benefits of Partnering with Coinfirm

We support partners in satisfying national and supranational compliance and regulatory obligations by perpetually expanding our compliance and risk management offering with data and integrations. As an industry leader in the crypto analytics space, we strive to create a safer blockchain economy with AML and CFT solutions for crypto-native entities.

We Know Risk Definitions Change Across Jurisdictions

Integrate with our APIs to allow your users to create and configure their own risk rules – as we know no two jurisdictions’ requirements are the same – by leveraging Coinfirm’s proprietary risk scoring with the most comprehensive results in the industry. Coinfirm’s UI isn’t even necessary! One user can customise totally separate risk rules to different API keys.

Reach A New Audience With Coinfirm

Leverage Coinfirm’s sales force across 4 offices with Coinfirm’s product suite used by 250+ customers including governments, financial institutions, custodians, payment providers, investment funds, exchanges, protocols and dapps.

Top Crypto Compliance Policy And Research

Our Regulatory Affairs department regularly aids governments, industry associations and private firms in drafting and giving feedback to crypto compliance policies. Coinfirm’s database can additionally be leveraged to help stakeholders with data-led insights into crypto crime trends and the effectiveness of past policies.

Engage With The Coinfirm Team

Meet our team in person at closed-door events and webinars to get regular updates about our new solutions, products and features or hear how trends are evolving with deep-dive insights and case studies.

A few of our Partners

“Coinfirm recognizes the expertise, collaborative efforts and importance of partnership to prioritize the disruption of illicit financial flows designed to profit from the vulnerable.”

Aaron Kahler, Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative CEO and Founder

Coinfirm is the Industry Leader in Cryptocurrency Compliance Solutions

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Virtual assets coverage - an industry leading 98% of the market

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    Latest Partners

    From cryptocurrency exchanges to banks, Coinfirm's industry-leading blockchain analytics and AML solutions are trusted by countless entities to best analyse and manage risk.

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