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AMLT the token of compliance

About Us

Recognized as a global leader in RegTech for blockchain, Coinfirm serves as a foundation for the safe adoption and use of blockchain. The Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform uses proprietary algorithms and big data analysis to provide structured, actionable data that solves compliance and transaction risk issues in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The blockchain agnostic platform is currently used by anyone ranging from major financial institutions to exchanges. In addition, Coinfirm develops dedicated blockchain solutions such as the data provenance platform Trudatum that was recently integrated by the largest bank in CE.

AMLT / Network Members

Embracing blockchain technology, we’ve created our own token to help build a network of partners who share our values of transparency and integrity. AMLT is the token that’s primarily used on the Coinfirm AML Platform, and the mechanism behind the AMLT Network, a global system fighting ransomware, hacking, malware and other online fraud that affects the cryptocurrency economy.

Established by Coinfirm, a global leader in RegTech for blockchain and cryptocurrency, AMLT creates a system where Network Members around the world can report addresses and evidence tied to nefarious actors in the economy and be rewarded for it in AMLT. Among other benefits such as exclusive data and high risk lists, AMLT can be used for discounted AML/KYC products and services from Coinfirm, which provides anti-money laundering and know your customer services to more than 100 companies in both crypto and traditional spaces.

The AMLT Network is about more than just AML for cryptocurrencies: It’s creating a much needed system for the financial world and is taking a democratic and innovative approach in the RegTech space, taking transparency and security in the online world to a new level.

Why become an AMLT Network Member?

The AMLT Network allows its members to protect themselves and the economy as a whole while earning AMLT for sharing data that helps protect the online financial system - both crypto and traditional. Network members who submit information on hackers, fraudsters and other bad actors will be rewarded with AMLT; tokens are also awarded for positive reports of reliable entities. AMLT can be spent to purchase services such as AML reports and services on the Coinfirm platform. You can report an address here.

Anyone can share data and help protect themselves and the financial system as whole, and those who hold the minimum balance of AMLT can become members of the Network and be rewarded in AMLT for contributing data. Network members also receive privileged access to Coinfirm products such as our ICO panel, the AMLT knowledge pool with exclusive content and materials as well as additional benefits and features, helping them limit exposure to risk and increase transparency for themselves and their clients. Members also receive discounts on services such as AML reports from Coinfirm.

AMLT is building the infrastructure for users of all kinds, all around the world, to provide data on the reliability of participants in the cryptocurrency market. By doing so, we’re laying the foundation for the global online financial ecosystem to deliver on its promise of security and transparency.

Join the AMLT Network, provide data to help protect yourself and the security of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and earn AMLT for it.