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Blockchain Investigations

Identification and evidencing the destination or source of crypto assets through application of forensic accounting methods

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Coinfirm has built a real-time blockchain analytics and asset tracking technology proven as the key enabler of successful investigations.

Our team of blockchain forensic experts helps legal offices, law enforcement and corporate entities to conduct end-to-end crypto investigations.

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C-Live Platform

Over 90% of crypto fraud and crime remains unsolved due to a lack of real-time asset tracking, knowledge and the international nature of cases. C-Live changes this.

What is C-Live used for?

Asset Recovery: Tracking stolen funds until they can be frozen on the fly by receiving entities.

Crime Fighting: Monitoring and litigation of ransom payments, terrorism financing, bribery and corruption, financial and personal crimes.

Dispute Services: Establishing facts on wealth and cash-flow in divorce cases, litigation, arbitration, mediation, expert testimonies, regulatory matters and insurance claims.

Risk and Due Diligence: Complex examinations of exposure to money laundering, terrorism financing, sanctions, narcotics trade tax evasion and more – before each important economic operation or transaction.

Who should use C‑Live?

Law Offices and Investigation Companies: The best chance of winning the lawsuit and asset recovery by enabling the freezing of defrauded funds on the fly with the most reliable evidence.

Law Enforcement and Regulators: Identify perpetrators through the world’s most advanced blockchain tracking technology. Get the most accurate insights on selected market players or market segments as a whole.

Corporates and Investment Funds: Protect your business from engaging in trouble-causing economic operations by getting the most decisive business intelligence data.

“The chance of recovery of stolen crypto is 100x more effective if traced live and the recipient notified immediately.”

David Silver

Silver Miller law firm, the leader in crypto assets litigation and recovery in the US

C-Live Tracking Platform

Discover the most advanced and flexible crypto-assets tracking tool on the market.

Real-time Tracking

Fully automated real-time tracking algorithm limitless monitored and traced addresses.

Blockchain Forensic Analyses
and Reports

Tabular evidence and visualisation of the transaction paths between initial transfers and destinations.

Expert Witness Testimonies and Opinions

Forensic and blockchain litigation support from leading experts in the field.

Providing Counsel with Cases Evaluation

Free case feasibility study based on hundreds of blockchain investigations.

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