Blockchain Analytics Platform for transaction, wallet and cluster monitoring for crypto assets.

Powering blockchain transaction analytics for

Experience the Most Powerful Data and Flexible Blockchain Analytics in the Crypto Industry.

Coinfirm Analytics is a blockchain analytics platform for transaction and wallet monitoring, which allows institutions to analyze and verify risk by using the most comprehensive model in the world’s largest blockchain attributes database.

Coinfirm offers the largest cryptocurrency coverage on the market with powerful analytics across the most comprehensive blockchain database.

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Virtual assets coverage - an industry leading 98% of the market

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Coinfirm Analytics Features

Manage counterparty risk, review or escalate cases, and create the perfect audit trail.

Effective Transaction Screening

Discover and evaluate all addresses taking part in a multiple input-output blockchain transaction. Use Transaction Reports for day-to-day screening, checking all counterparties with one request.

Coinfirm Analytics Visualizer

Investigate and Track Blockchain Activities

Deploy visualisation and investigative tools identifying the destination and transaction patterns of blockchain assets. Automate incoming and outgoing chain of funds flow.

Due Diligence

Make informed decisions about who you do business with, and ultimately strengthens the blockchain ecosystem as a whole. With Entity DD, businesses can obtain critical data about their counterparts, including contact information, business registration details, and KYC/AML compliance status.

Entity DD

AML Risk Reports for Full Compliance

Within seconds get an in-depth understanding with 350+ risk checks and data points ranging from financial crime to counterparty identity. Check every transaction with our Standard Reports and use Enhanced Reports in case you need to understand more.

Market Reports
and Analysis

Research market data and trends related to blockchain transfers, cryptocurrencies, and businesses active in crypto-assets.

Coinfirm Analytics

Transaction and wallet monitoring for crypto assets

Discover and evaluate all addresses taking part in a multiple input-output blockchain transaction.

Monitoring Panel
Be Alerted to Changing Risk Patterns

Identify behavioural changes, get alerted to potential associated red flags and get deeper insights into the risk patterns of all transaction counterparties.

Case Management
Manage Cases with Ease

The Case Management tool allows for investigations and evidence collection for addresses from blockchains supported by the Coinfirm Analytics. Keep track of progress and document investigations performed. Case analysis workflow, including case QA and supervisor review.

Risk Source
Draw Paths to Risk Sources

The Risk Source feature allows users to view the exact source of risks for deeper analysis, giving compliance officers a bird’s eye view for efficient risk management.

Sanctions Screening

The blacklisting tool allows users to cross-check addresses against OFAC, HMT and the EU’s sanctions lists to verify whether they belong to or are related to sanctioned subjects.

66 Blockchain Protocols
Among them:

We’re the global leader in blockchain analytics & AML.
Solve all your blockchain analysis needs with Coinfirm.

Blockchain Analytics Solutions

From major protocols and exchanges to banks and governments, our industry leading blockchain analytics solutions are trusted to best analyze, investigate and manage risk.


AML Risk Management Solutions for Virtual Asset Exchanges

DeFi Pools

World’s first AML Risk Solution for DeFi Liquidity Pools

Compliance Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions


Secure Compliance for Coins and Protocols Providers

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