Entity Due Diligence

Provides detailed information about legal entities operating in the blockchain ecosystem.

Entity Due Diligence (Entity DD) provides detailed info about legal entities operating in the blockchain ecosystem, predominantly VASPs

Coinfirm leads the industry in compliance for cryptocurrency, using powerful analytics across the most comprehensive blockchain database.

Entity DD is available on the AML Platform, representing entity risk exposure based on the known risk indications, and a number of useful and unique data.

Overall Risk

All identified risks calculated by Coinfirm’s c-score formula, potential risk indicators for the entity as having been exposed to, as well as associated entities.

Business Activity Nature

Summary of collected information about the entity, or the group of entities that exists under one trading name.

Licensing and Authorisation

Including the type of license, where the company is licensed to operate or is regulated by a relevant regulatory authority, as well as the date of expiration and date granted.

Countries of Identified Activity

Scale your operation on an as-needed basis – service transactions as they come, with no bottlenecks.

AML and KYC Information

Coinfirm’s Data Science analytics team verifying all required data.

Known Negative News

List of links to known negative news about the entity.

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