Cloud Blockchain Nodes for your Business

A fast and easy solution to run your blockchain apps, functions or smart contracts based on BTC or ETH.

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    Benefit from Coinfirm’s institutional grade blockchain nodes for a best in class service

    Nodes as a Service

    Cloud-based blockchain service to speed-up ideas to launch - DeFi DApps, wallets, explorers or smart contracts.

    Coinfirm node-as-a-service
    BTC, ETH Node

    BTC and ETH Support

    Support for the leading cryptocurrencies - BTC and ETH. 2021 roadmap includes BCH, ETC, NEO, DASH, LTC, ZEC and XLM.

    Full Historical and Live Data

    Access to full blockchain nodes, with all historical transactions, constantly updated by new blocks of data

    Blockchain node
    Blockchain node API

    Easy API Access

    Easily accessible via JSON RPC API, without a need to build a technical infrastructure on your side

    Raw Data Access

    Access to “raw” nodes through highly and swiftly scalable infrastructure.

    Scalable blockchain node
    Blockchain node, cryptocurrency protocols

    Automatic Updates and Support

    Guarantee of nodes’ full accessibility and validity, especially during updates of cryptocurrency protocols

    Since 2016 Coinfirm has been powering the mass
    adoption of Blockchain through data-enabled intelligence


    Blockchain entities

    1,500+ Coins

    Coinfirm leads the industry with coverage of 98% of the market.


    Clients across the globe trust Coinfirm solutions

    Trusted by leading brands worldwide

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