Source of Funds

Institutional-grade Proof of Licit Source of Crypto Wealth

Experience Automated, Real-time Risk Management

Source of Funds is a powerful risk management tool, providing clients with industry-leading levels of insight into counterparties’ SoF vis-a-vis compliance with regulations and requirements set forth by official bodies like the FATF and the Cryptoasset Taskforce.

Coinfirm offers the largest cryptocurrency coverage on the market with powerful analytics across the most comprehensive blockchain database.

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Virtual assets coverage - an industry leading 98% of the market

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Blockchain entities actively monitored

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SoF for Accepting Licit Crypto

Coinfirm’s SoF tracking starts from the client’s addresses and presents the source of funds received by a given address, proving the provenance of the funds and whether they were gained legally. Clients will be able to prove SoF to financial institutions, certified by Coinfirm.

Custom Parameters

SoF tracking lists the chain of consecutive transactions – with custom analytics parameters - from the client's wallets to the first identified owners, e.g. exchanges, payment services, cryptocurrency mining activity etc.

Risk Management for Accepting Crypto

Making converting crypto into fiat and accepting crypto payments easy, by providing consecutive transaction chain insights automatically.

Forensic Accounting
Providing Provenance

Proving that traced coins come from licit sources with multiple forensic accounting methods.

Track Millions
Key to the Source

Coinfirm's AML engine can track millions of transactions in real-time, across numerous bridges.

Largest Database
History as a Lesson

Since 2016, Coinfirm has been leading the crypto compliance industry with the largest database in the industry from on and off-chain sources.

Only Solution
That Tracks with Ease

Automated? Check. Real-time? Check. Experienced professionals with in-court appearance? Check. What more do you want to know? Check us out.

We’re the global leader in blockchain analytics & AML. Solve all your crypto compliance needs with Coinfirm.

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