All-in-one FATF Travel Rule solution

Introducing the first comprehensive solution addressing all FATF Travel Rule regulations on the market. Coinfirm’s all-in-one tool enables to easily transfer, register and report all Travel Rule data, listed in FATF’s guidelines.


the challenge

Known as the Travel Rule, FATF Travel Rule requires Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) such as cryptocurrency exchanges, digital wallet providers and even some financial institutions including banks dealing with crypto assets, to ensure that certain customer data is disclosed and transferred between counterparties as a part of the cryptocurrency transaction.

the solution

VASP identification, risk analysis, case management - Coinfirm’s all-in-one Travel Rule tool delivers the pillars of compliance with FATF recommendations.

Solution for VASP and unhosted wallets, easily to integrate and operate.

Exchange of information

Secure exchange of information between VASPs - provided by open P2P protocol using advanced cryptography methods.

Audit trail

Marking data and documents, verifying if it hasn’t been manipulated over time - by Coinfirm’s Trudatum.

Management of transaction risks

Monitoring and surveillance of transfers between VASPs - by Coinfirm’s AML Platform

comprehensive ecosystem

ready to be implemented by various entities

Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs)

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Crypto-friendly Banks
  • Virtual Asset Custody Providers
  • Custodial Wallet Providers
  • Protocols and blockchain operators

Governing entities

  • Governments
  • Regulators

broad scope of possible applications

Counterparty verification


Full audit trail


Monitoring of wallets


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    Coinfirm in the press

    Pawel Kuskowski

    “[…], VASP-Unhosted Wallet transactions could be and should be subject to various assessments, checks, and balances from an analytics and risk management perspective.”

    Pawel Kuskowski
    Ian Allison

    “Coinfirm is using a high-throughput permissioned blockchain for writing the “fingerprint” of a compliant transaction, built on the enterprise-grade DLT Hyperledger Fabric.”

    Ian Allison
    Pawel Kuskowski

    “All businesses and individuals active in the blockchain space should think about how travel rule is likely to affect their operations in various jurisdictions, and put plans in place to address likely implications constructively.”

    Pawel Kuskowski
    Turner Wright

    “Any nation that does not comply with them [FATF guidelines] by the deadline may be excluded from the global financial network.”

    Turner Wright