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Has your BTC or ETH been stolen?

let us help you!

Are you a victim of a scam? Have your funds been stolen? We can help you reclaim your cryptocurrencies.


How does it work?

Reclaim your crypto with Coinfirm! After assessment of the data you provide we will let you know of the next steps.

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fill the form below

Start the process of getting your crypto back and fill in the form below.

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provide us with details

Share with us all the details regarding your lost bitcoins or ethereum.

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get approval

We will present your estimated fee once the case is approved.

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enjoy returned funds

After a successful investigation, stolen funds will be returned to your wallet.

Reclaim your crypto

Tell us more so we can begin your reclaim process.

Provide your email address, choose the case from the list below or write in your own.

Read about our work

Binance hack

Coinfirm, after the news of Binance Breach, started tracking the stolen funds.

Follow-up on Binance case

Discover that the hackers have been turning stolen bitcoins into other crypto currencies on exchanges.

Cryptopia stolen ETH

Coinfirm tracks the funds as they move into separate wallets.