Analytics and Compliance Solutions for Coins and Protocols

Powering compliance

The Reinvention of Money

Blockchain is reaching mass adoption and the future of money is being created today. Don’t let compliance issues hold back your market cap.

Going Mainstream

Revolutionary protocols with ambitions to go mainstream understand that transparent ecosystems are essential for growth. Make sure a regulatory compliance is in your strategy.

Compliance powers Financial Ecosystem Evolution

Coinfirm's blockchain RegTech solutions help launch new protocols and establish market leaders. As your protocol scales we are with you every step of the way.

Your Gateway to Traditional Financial Institutions

We won’t lie, FIs enjoy strict AML, CFT and KYC procedures - but they are thirsty for crypto assets. Don’t be left behind whilst demand outpaces supply.

Miners, Stakers, Traders and Developers Rely on You

Coinfirm’s analytics provide safety against hackers and fraudsters. Keep stakeholder funds and reputations secure with industry-leading SARs.

Coinfirm Leads the Industry in Adoption of Global Regulatory Standards

Advising bodies such as the FATF to address cryptocurrency asset industry needs, challenges and constraints.

DeFi or NFT? Your Code is Covered

We pride ourselves on being able to cater to any kind of protocol on the market and providing the best quality. Because crypto changes - all the time.

“Adjusting our technology to legal requirements, especially on a global scale, is a step towards the adoption of the technology by regular users and satisfying companies’ expectations”

“Coinfirm's industry-leading AML compliance product provides a must-have tool for banks and other regulated financial players that store or issue value on the Tezos blockchain”

“We are delighted Coinfirm has created an anti-money laundering compliance solution for the RSK network as well as the assets launched on it”

Compliance Solutions Built for Coins and protocols

Regulatory Reporting and Audits

Be FATF ready, 6/5AMLD compliant and AML fines free. Avoid financial penalties and reputational consequences.

AML Risk Reports

Within seconds get an in-depth understanding with data points ranging from financial crime to counterparty identity.

Transaction Monitoring

Easily accessible through our Monitoring Panel, fueled by 350+ algorithms and risk analysis scenarios.

Case Management

Unique case management keeps you in control of risk - enabling you to counter threats.

RegTech Consultations

We work closely with regulators to give a voice to stakeholders & our compliance expertise is always at hand.

Transparent Ecosystem

Join the largest crowdsourced financial crime data platform - so you know where, when and how your protocol is being used maliciously.

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Let a Coinfirm professional show how you can overcome regulatory hurdles and blockers to Growth.
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    Protocols Overcome Regulatory Hurdles to Growth with Coinfirm

    Compliance shouldn’t hold back innovation - Coinfirm pioneers solutions for the latest evolutions of FinTech products.

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