Blockchain Analytics and Compliance Solutions
for Crypto Exchanges

Powering compliance

The Age of Crypto is Here

Blockchain is reaching mass adoption and the brands of the future are being created today. Don’t let compliance issues derail your journey.

A Good Compliance Strategy to Unlock your Potential

Successful crypto exchanges know a comprehensive compliance strategy is a key to business growth. So do we.

Compliance is a Journey not a Tickbox Exercise

Coinfirm's blockchain RegTech solutions help launch new exchanges, establish market leaders on the global stage and keep AML costs under control.

Protect Your Customers against Fraudsters and Hackers

Real-time risk alerts of fraudsters and other bad actors allow clear case management in an interoperable AML and CFT system. Keep your clients’ funds secure.

Protect Your Exchange from Fines and Penalties

Make sure your business addresses properly all compliance challenges, imposed by regulators. Avoid fines and reputational consequences.

Coinfirm Leads the Industry in Adoption of Global Regulatory Standards

Advising bodies such as the FATF to address cryptocurrency exchange industry needs, challenges and constraints.

1M+ Coins Covered Great for Exotic Pair Offerings

Market leader in coins coverage, perfect for cryptocurrency exchanges with expansive offerings.

“We are happy to sign such a cooperation with Coinfirm in order to ensure the safety of our users and to provide added value to our country.”

“Coinfirm understands the potential of digital assets to increase market efficiency and financial inclusion.”

Blockchaina Analytics and Compliance Solutions
Built for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Counterparty Screening

Keep up with volume by screening for PEP & SDN risks on new counterparties with a scalable solution from Coinfirm.

Wallet Alerts & Tx Monitoring

Get alerts on high risk crypto wallets & monitor transactions in real-time for efficient compliant due diligence checks.

Case Management

Case management gives you control of risk - enabling operations to counter threats from darknet ransomware.

1M+ Coins Covered

Market leading 98% coins coverage, perfect for cryptocurrency exchanges with expansive offerings.

Smart AML/CFT Data

350+ algorithms & risk analysis scenarios from one of the largest blockchain databases in the world.

Regulatory Reporting

Be FATF ready, 6/5AMLD compliant & regulator fines-free. Avoid financial penalties & reputational consequences.

Get Started

Let a Coinfirm professional show how your Cryptocurrency Exchange can overcome regulatory hurdles and blockers to Growth. Request more information here.

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