Crypto RegTech for Government FIUs

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Compliance Solution for Crypto Exchanges

Actionable Intelligence

Providing crypto crime investigators with the correct tools for the job.
Fighting money launderers, terrorist financiers and sanctions evaders
through the blockchain requires cutting-edge intelligence.

Blockchain Intel Network

Coinfirm’s strong ecosystem of partners and clients enables government FIUs to take fast action against illicit fund flows.

Compliance Strategy Crypto Exchanges
Compliance AML Crypto Exchanges

Crypto Litigation Experts

Coinfirm’s experts have worked on major cases of terrorism financing, darknet markets, money laundering and more.


“We must be equipped to counter threats such as those posed by criminal actors. I am very grateful to the team at Coinfirm for their support in allowing us access to and use of their platform.”

Proper Investigatory Tools

Real-time illicit asset tracing across the blockchain with multiple forensic accounting models supporting court litigation.

Risk and Case Management, Compliance, Crypto Exchanges
Compliance Crypto Exchanges, fines, penalties

Catch Evolving Threats

Innovative tech gives criminals new avenues of income and operations. But cutting-edge behaviour analysis can help.

Crypto Economy Coverage

Our intelligence coverage of protocols, blockchain entities and transactions supports law enforcement in the fight.

cryptocurrency coins, compliance crypto exchanges
Financial regulators fca fatf

Lead the Industry Adoption of Global Regulatory Standards

Understand evolving threats to shape regulatory outlines, close loopholes and know how current regs affect the market.

“As we continue to develop our VASP infrastructure, ensuring our regulatory bodies have the tools to combat financial crime in the crypto asset industry is of paramount importance. We must be equipped to counter threats such as those posed by criminal actors. I am very grateful to the team at Coinfirm for their support in allowing us access to and use of their platform." - Albert Isola, Gibraltar’s Minister for Digital and Financial Services

Compliance Solutions Built for Government FIUs

Counterparty Screening

Keep up with volume by screening for PEP & SDN risks on new counterparties with a scalable solution from Coinfirm.

Transaction Monitoring

Monitor transactions in real-time for efficient compliant due diligence checks.

Case Management

Case management gives you control of risk - enabling operations to counter threats from darknet ransomware.

845k+ Coins Covered

Market-leading 98% coins coverage, perfect for wallets and payment providers with expansive offerings.

Smart AML/CFT Data

330+ algorithms & risk analysis scenarios from one of the largest blockchain databases in the world.

Regulatory Reporting

Be FATF ready, 6/5AMLD compliant & regulator fines-free. Avoid financial penalties & reputational consequences.

Coinfirm is the industry leader in Crypto Compliance and Litigation Solutions for Government FIUs

Since 2016

Leading compliance in blockchain ecosystem

200 Million+

Coinfirm AML Risk Reports used to meet regulatory requirements


Clients across the globe trust Coinfirm solutions

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