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Coinfirm has built a real-time blockchain analytics and asset tracking technology that has proved as the key enabler of many successful investigations. Our team of blockchain forensic experts helps legal offices, law enforcement and corporate entities to conduct end-to-end crypto investigations.

Blockchain Forensic Analyses and Reports

Our dedicated team of blockchain investigators, forensic accountants and blockchain technology professionals help organizations to respond immediately to instances of fraud and crime, using the world’s fastest crypto-asset tracing technology.

Ongoing Support of Blockchain Forensic Professionals

Fraud and crime cases tend to be dynamic, and our experts and technology are ready to act on new facts on the go until the investigation is fully resolved. We will help the counsel to navigate unexpected changes during the trial.

Witness Expert Opinions and Testimonies

We explain the most complex blockchain analytics in a way that can be understood by a judge or even your CEO. We have experience in providing the most credible blockchain analytics evidence and testimonies in the loudest crypto scandals.

Providing Counsel with a Case Evaluation

Not every case is worthwhile to pursue, or not at all stages. Please contact our experts before engaging in heavy expenses. Our experts will help to estimate the value and risk of the case at each stage of investigation and identify assets that may have been unknowingly omitted from the scope.

Assisting in the Overall Planning Strategy for the Case

Blockchain analytics must reconcile with the traditional elements of investigations, litigation or asset recovery strategy for the case. Our team has experience in both blockchain and traditional investigations and is ready to optimize your strategy.

Interviewing and Explaining Developments in the Case

Interviewing requires subject matter experts to formulate proper questions and navigate through the interview. Coinfirm’s experts are experienced in supporting and navigating communication with all actors of the investigation, including claimants, witnesses, law enforcement, judges, legal offices, investigation corporates, litigation funders and blockchain communities.

Assisting in Pre-trial Motions, Pleadings and Responses

Each legal communication must be accurate not only in legal terms but also as to technical merits. In the blockchain world, these technical merits typically matter, and we will ensure that they are correct and match the logic and intent of each legal step.

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“The chance of recovery of stolen crypto is 100x more effective if traced live and the recipient notified immediately.”

David Silver, Silver Miller law firm, the leader in crypto assets litigation and recovery in the US

“Coinfirm has shown leadership in data quality and coin market coverage that in combination with our capabilities we can now provide the market with a new confidence to investigate, analyze, and pursue suspicious activity involving cryptocurrencies.”

Benedict Hamilton, Managing Director, Kroll, a division of Duff & Phelps 

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