Crypto RegTech for Payment and Wallet Providers

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Compliance Solution for Crypto Exchanges

Powering compliance

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Compliant Fund Flows

To handle your scale, Coinfirm analyses large volumes of transactions, addresses and entities, both licit
and illicit. Because buliding the new financial system needs new tools.

Handle High Traffic

AML solutions helping maintain uninterrupted service for your customers whilst being compliant.

Compliance Strategy Crypto Exchanges
Compliance AML Crypto Exchanges

Wallet Clustering Analysis

Identify hidden bad actors trying to interact with your ecosystem using advanced blockchain tools.


“With the AML Platform, we are confident that Krystal is equipped with top-notch security protocols so that we can provide a safe platform for our users.”

Reduce False Positives

No one wants to freeze assets when it’s not necessary, tying up resources in avoidable situations.

Risk and Case Management, Compliance, Crypto Exchanges
Compliance Crypto Exchanges, fines, penalties

Leverage Automation

Increase ROI while decreasing error risk frees up your compliance department to expand aross jurisdictions.

Get Accuracy

14,000 entities, 330+ risk indicators and 5,600+ protocol coverage are the cornerstones of Coinfirm’s operations.

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Lead the Industry Adoption of Global Regulatory Standards

Make sure you’re operating within the scope of local regulations – decrease your noncompliance exposure risk.

Compliance Solutions Built for Payment and Wallet Providers

Counterparty Screening

Keep up with volume by screening for PEP & SDN risks on new counterparties with a scalable solution from Coinfirm.

Transaction Monitoring

Monitor transactions in real-time for efficient compliant due diligence checks.

Case Management

Case management gives you control of risk - enabling operations to counter threats from darknet ransomware.

5,600+ Coins Covered

Market-leading 98% coins coverage, perfect for wallets and payment providers with expansive offerings.

Smart AML/CFT Data

330+ algorithms & risk analysis scenarios from one of the largest blockchain databases in the world.

Regulatory Reporting

Be FATF ready, 6/5AMLD compliant & regulator fines-free. Avoid financial penalties & reputational consequences.

Coinfirm is the industry leader in Crypto Compliance Solutions for Payment and Wallet Providers

Since 2016

Leading compliance in blockchain ecosystem

200 Million+

Coinfirm AML Risk Reports used to meet regulatory requirements


Clients across the globe trust Coinfirm solutions

Trusted by leading brands worldwide

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    AML Risk Management Platform for crypto and blockchain assets.

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